a blonde lady is getting her blow hole in by a long and huge black cock

She stood there in front of the tall, dark man. She felt a burning deep in her core as her eyes focused in on his sizeable bulge. He grinned, revealing his eternally white teeth, as he slowly removed his pants. As his long and huge black cock was revealed, she gasped in awe at the size of it. She wanted him and her mind filled with anticipation. She kneeled down in front of him and grasped his cock firmly. She felt a huge thrill as her hand wrapped around his meaty shaft. The blonde lady raised her eyes to the man and moved her lips towards his enormous penis, puckering her lips. She planted a long, wet kiss on the head of the bulging cock and felt it grow even larger in her mouth, as the man groaned in pleasure. She placed her hands onto his thighs and used her tongue to flick and swirl around his sweet spot. She went deeper and deeper until his entire length was in her mouth. She felt the delicious heat in her throat and the sweet sensation of being filled by him. She was so close to the man that she could almost taste his desire. The man moaned louder and louder as he thrust himself against her blowhole. Soon, he was coming and she swallowed his thick load. She felt a wave of pleasure wash over her and smiled contentedly as he withdrew his cock.

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