a hairy mature lady having a massage and sex with two sexy guys in bed

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, mature lady with long, luscious hair. She decided to take a break from her day and indulge in a massage - and a little something extra. She was surprised when upon entering the massage parlor, two young, sexy men were waiting to give her the massage of a lifetime. As they began to massage her body, the lady melted into the bed. Her body was relaxed as their hands soothed every inch of her. Through her lust-filled haze she could feel the sexual tension between the three of them growing. The massage reached its culmination as they began to draw on her hairy body with their fingertips. This was followed by fervent and delicious kisses all over her. Both of the young men took her into their arms and they explored and pleased each other in pleasureful harmony. As the night ended, the lady was left with a satisfied grin on her face and as she lay in bed, surrounded by the scent of mature sex, she felt the greatest contentment of all.

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