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The mature man was taken aback when he saw the horny sexy woman enter the room. He couldn't believe his eyes; her curves were calling his name. His heart began to race as he watched her saunter closer to him. She didn't miss his eyes gazing longingly at her and gave him a mischievous smile. They embraced and instantly his body was set on fire. He buried his face in her neck and breathed in her sweet, earthy scent. His hands roamed her body, exploring and caressing her. She gasped as his touch ignited sparks of pleasure. They moved together to the bed and the man lay on top of her. She smiled as she felt his arousal and invited him in. He obliged eagerly, kissing her hungrily and thrusting deeply. She gasped and moaned with pleasure as they fucked; each thrust getting more intense. The man was feeling more and more aroused and soon they were lost in passionate bliss.

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