a lady lying in the bed and naked man helping her

She groaned softly as he caressed her warm body, lying comfortably in the bed. His strong hands moved up her thighs and she could feel his naked skin against hers. She closed her eyes in pleasure, enjoying the sensation of his touch. He brushed his lips lightly against the nape of her neck and she moaned softly, her body arching into his. His fingers explored her curves, sending shivers of delight through her body. She spread her legs open, inviting him in and he moved over her, pushing himself deep inside her. The pleasure was almost unbearable and she cried out as their bodies moved in perfect rhythm. His hands moved up and down her body as he moved inside her, drawing her ever closer to the brink of pleasure. She held back as long as she could, not wanting the feeling to end. He increased his pace and she moaned, quickly succumbing to the pleasure of his touch. She cried out as her orgasm raced through her body, gripping his body tight as it finally broke free. He followed shortly afterwards, collapsing beside her in the bed, panting with exhaustion.

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