a man and woman having fun while she has the big tits on

He admired her curves as she seductively ran her hands low across her hips, pushing them out and up to her chest, where her big tits were making their presence known. His heart raced watching her in her playful state, his desire for her intensifying with every move she made. As she moved closer, his hands traveled from her soft waist, up to her large breasts. His fingertips lingered as her eyes sparkled like the night sky. "Let's have some fun," she whispered breathlessly in his ear while her hands moved back towards her hips, her plush curves pressing against him. Their mouths met as his thumbs traced circles around her nipples, she gasped in pleasure. She wanted more and he knew it, his lips exploring further as her back arched, pushing her big tits ever closer. Moments felt like hours as his strong hands caressed her big tits, massaging them ever so lightly. Hands that seemed to travel endlessly between her curves worked their magic until finally, he felt her shudder against him. Exhausted but elated, they both drifted off, completely content in each other's arms.

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