a mature man is sucking on a sexy naked breast

The tiresome heat of the day melted away as Carl sucked on the creamy naked breast in front of him. His mature hands roamed and caressed the delicate curves of her body and the soft swell of her breast. Her nipples were hard, and her breath short as his tongue explored her flesh. "Carl," she panted, "I can't take any more. Please." But he was hungry to do more than merely suck, teasing her with nips and slow open mouthed circles that sent spirals of pleasure through her body. His hands reached up to cup her other breast, and soon she was lost in the mix of sensations as his mature lips continued to draw her pleasure out. Her pleasure was his pleasure. Beyond the pleasure of her soft skin, and her inviting curves, Carl savored the knowledge of a connection between them that transcended the physical. He pulled away and looked up to catch her gaze and the understanding was there, in her eyes; they were in perfect harmony.

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