a mature woman with big breasts wearing tights

Helen was a mature woman, her figure still exquisitely proportioned despite her years. Her breasts were full and generous - barely contained in her top. She loved the way her tights hugged her figure too, outlining each generous curve, sending tingles of excitement through her body. One day, she found herself in a private, quiet place and with an unfamiliar naughty urge. She stood in full view of anyone who might chance to walk by, and slowly stripped away her tights. Revealing her globe-like bust, she ran her hands over her body, delighting in the sensation. She looked down in shocked pleasure at her heaving breasts, spilling out from the confines of her top, liberated by her tights. And as she was taken aback by this newfound feeling of empowerment, she savored the feeling of being unashamedly free and alive.

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