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He couldn't resist the temptation as the curvy, sexy blond mature sauntered past him. He'd been drinking all night and now felt lightheaded and full of desire. As she walked away, his eyes followed her every move, noticing the tight curves of her body. He couldn't wait to see where all that naughtiness led. He followed close behind, eager to get closer. When they reached her place, his heart was racing with anticipation. She smiled, sensing his desire, and opened up the door. He was taken aback by the warmth of her. She pulled him into the bedroom, and a passion like never before overtook them both he undressed her slowly, exploring and caressing her body, before she lay down and let him enter. He slowly began to thrust in and out, as they both felt their bodies merging as one. He fucked her wildly, with passion and intensity. Their moans echoed through the room as he sank in deeper, making her tremble with pleasure. It felt like they were two wild animals in heat, as he exploded into her with a deep satisfaction. They both lay there, savoring every second of the passionate moment that they shared.

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