a sexy mature woman being shown off by a man

He couldn't contain himself when he show off his sexy, mature woman. She was confident and sultry with curves in all the right places. Her beauty captivated him and he wanted all the other men to know just how lucky he was. He put his hand on the small of her back as they walked, her aroused at his touch, a pull towards her and him growing with each movement. He felt an almost primal urge to have her in his arms, to be the only one to have her beauty all to himself. She couldn't help but to blush at the admiring gaze of the other men. It only drove her longing for her man even harder, the anticipation of being swept away in his arms growing with each step she took. When the night was over and they were alone, their passion was electrifying like a million tiny thunderbolts. His sexy mature woman had finally been shown off in all her glory.

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