a very fat mature lady enjoying herself on top of the man

The mature lady was ridiculously fat, with curves in all the right places. She felt empowered, standing atop the man, her immense weight pressing down on his body. She looked down at him hungrily as she grinded her body against his. The man was able to do nothing but moan beneath her weight. Her Rubenesque figure had him completely entranced as she shifted against his body. He was aroused by her immensity, surrendering himself to her complete control. As the mature lady continued to sway her hips on top of him, the man was overwhelmed with pleasure. His moans grew more frequent and he started to breath more heavily. This was the most intense pleasure the man ever felt and he begged the woman to continue. The mature lady rode him until she reached her orgasm, squeezing her fat thighs around him. They both wearily lay there until the pleasure and fatigue subsided. It was a remarkable experience that neither wanted to forget.

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