a very hairy woman getting fucked

Angelita was a very hairy woman. She took great pleasure in maintaining her thick coat of fur that covered her from head to toe. One night, she met a man with whom she instantly hit it off. When the two of them went back to his home, they started making out. Angelita felt herself melting into his embrace and slowly began to drop her clothing. He was pleasantly surprised by her furry form and eagerly started to caress each and every part of her body. They took it to the bed, and the man started to taste every inch of her. His tongue playing with her sensitive areas, while his hands explored her hairy body. Pretty soon they both reach the peak of pleasure, and Angelita felt herself shaking from excitement as his hard cock entered her deep. His thrusts become more intense with each passing minute, driving her wild with desire. Before he knew it he was coming inside her, and she relished the sensation of his warm cum spilling out of her. Angelita left with a satisfied smile, cherishing the memories of their passionate night together.

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