a very hot lady getting fucked by a man and his buddy

The warm, summer sun shone through the window, heating the bedroom to a sweltering temperature. The man and his buddy both had their sights set on the scorching hot lady lying on the bed. Torn between wanting both of them, the lady spread her legs in anticipation. The man put his hands on her smooth waist, while his buddy knelt between her legs and lapped at her slick pussy. She moaned loudly, her body shuddering from the pleasure. The man then pushed himself into her, thrusting hard and fast. His buddy took advantage of the situation, moving up and pressing his lips to hers. The man and his buddy continued to fuck her, their movements in perfect unity. Heat radiating between them, they all reached a fever pitch and cried out in unison, the heat of the moment overwhelming them. As the man and his buddy left the bedroom, satisfied, the glistening skin of the hot lady reminded them of their mutual pleasure.

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