a woman is getting fucked by a man and her ass

A woman lay across the bed, her naked body quivering with anticipation. She watched as a man approached her, slowly, almost teasingly. His hands were strong and secure as he grabbed hold of her curves. His touch sent electric shocks through her body as he moved his hands across her smooth skin and down to her ass. She gasped as he fingered her entrance, teasing her with each movement until finally, he thrust his hips forward and entered her. The sensation of a man fucking her ass sent a wave of pleasure throughout her body. She moaned with delight as she felt him going deeper and deeper within her. The man continued to thrust and the sensation of her filled ass quivering around him sent him into a frenzy of pleasure. He moved faster and faster as her body responded with increasing desire. As they both toppled over the edge, the woman screamed in ecstasy. She had just experienced something truly orgasmic.

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