an old man with long black hair has his hairy ass fucked

The old man never considered himself anything but a gentleman; however, he couldn't help the thrill of anticipation he felt when his wildest fantasies began to take shape. His long, black hair cascaded down his back as he lay down on the bed, waiting for his lover to come. The warmth of his skin against her hands brought out his most intimate desire, and his hairy ass quivered in anticipation. His spine tingled in pleasure as he felt his lover's lips press against his own. Then she slowly began to pleasure his ass with her tongue, running it up and down his long, black hair. He felt her fingertips tease and caress him, as she pulled his hair and massaged his tight muscles. Then he begged her for more, and with a knowing smile, she obliged. She pushed herself further and further as she bit his neck and pressed her body against his, while his hairy ass was finally penetrated. The old man gave into unadulterated pleasure, his long, black hair swinging in the air as his lover twirled and moved inside of him. His body tingled from every sensation, and he closed his eyes, content with the pleasure that was finally his.

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