an old woman giving a sexy man sex in bed

The old woman stared intently at the sexy man lying on her bed. He was bronzed, taut and toned, and she could feel a heat radiating from him. He exuded absolute sexuality, and as she moved closer, the temptation of yielding to her desires made her skin tingle in anticipation. She let her fingertips brush lightly against his muscled body, the feel of his strong frame underneath them making a shiver run through her. She lay down beside him, her curves fitting perfectly into his body. They kissed, their mouths softly dancing in perfect unison. The old woman's patience had come full-circle as the moment for her to finally have him had arrived. He slowly peeled her clothes away while she caressed him with every piece of clothing that fell to the floor. Their bodies merged as one, the heat seemed to rise ever more as they pleasured each other until they both were spent. They smiled in satisfaction, sex fulfilled in bed.

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