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The older lady had always fantasized about tasting her man's white dick, and it was finally becoming a reality. She let out a soft moan as she slowly ran her tongue over the length of it. His moans of desire echoed in the bedroom as her hand roamed down his body while her lips remained attached to him. She felt his body grow and she knew he was coming closer to his climax. She went faster, wanting to make his experience even more memorable. His already tight grip on her hair tightened as he let out one last moan and unloaded. She took every bit of him in and smiled as she felt his manhood slowly start to soften. The feeling of her man inside of her was incomparable. She kissed him deeply while both of them still basked in the warmth and excitement of their intense lovemaking. She bit his lip softly to bring him back to their reality before they both fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

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