an older woman getting her breast blown by a sexy man

The woman smiled coyly as her lover traced his index finger along her neckline. His touch was electric and she could barely contain her excitement. His hands traveled across her curves until they reached her breasts. With a gentle stroke, her soft curves filled his hands and brought warmth to her entire body. The man looked into her eyes and slowly moved his hands in circles, sending pleasure rippling through her body. Taking it up a notch, he began to blow gently on the woman's skin, causing her nipples to stand erect and her toes to curl. She let out a soft moan, as she reveled in the pleasure. She closed her eyes and felt herself being transported to a world of pleasure. Her mind, body and soul were all connected as the hot air from his breath caressed her exposed flesh. With each passing moment, the intensity of her pleasure grew. The woman's moans grew louder, and her body trembled with delight. His soft touch, the whispers of his breath, and his gentle motions had created a paradise all their own. As his touch grew more insistent, she found herself transported to a place of heightened and unbridled lust.

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