an older woman in bed laying on her back with some oil all over

The older woman lay on her back in bed, her voluptuous curves caressed by the clean sheets. She had already prepared herself for the night - her skin glistening with oil, her breathing slowly deepening as she anticipated the pleasure coming her way. She spread her legs ever so slightly, allowing a small trickle of the slick oil to drip down her inner thigh. The sensation was almost unbearable, her arousal growing by the minute. Soon, she felt a gentle touch on her body - wandering fingers exploring her most intimate parts. As their hands moved back and forth, the oil slippery against her skin, she writhed and moaned with pleasure. The night was quickly becoming a night of passion and pleasure. The oil-melded bodies pressed urgently against each other as the pleasure intensified. As they pleasure built to a crescendo, the older woman found herself on the cusp of pure ecstasy - and just as she arrived at her peak, her lover arrived too. Together, they both surrendered to the ultimate pleasure.

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