an older woman is riding a large man on her bed

I watched the older woman and her large companion in a playful embrace on her bed. She placed her hands on his strong back as he rolled on top of her. She looked content as they shared heated kisses and the play of her fingers on his shoulders and down his muscular arms indicated her pleasure was reaching a climax. His hard muscles between my fingers made me desperate for our own intimate moment. I moved closer to the bed and allowed my fingers to move around his pecs as he continued to caress the older woman's body. Her skin was hot to the touch and his was like steel. I pulled him closer so I could press my lips to his and feel his intensity as he kissed me. His hands were now in my hair, his body hard against mine, and the feeling of another passionate night was imminent. The older woman and her large man all but disappeared as I was lost in the deep connection between us.

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