an older woman with glasses has big tits and hairy feet as she masturbates

Mary was an older woman with glasses and large, supple breasts that would make any man weak in the knees. She had a peculiar quirk, though – she had hairy feet – something that her young man found strangely endearing. She liked to undress and touch herself as she imagined a younger man looking at her with those piercing, lustful eyes. As her hands crossed her body, her hairy toes slightly tickled her horneyness. He watched, mesmerized by her curves, as the playful fingers reached her breasts, giving Mary more arousal. Across her stale skin she ran her hands, always ending up at her feet. Her toes, which she so often used to grasp and massage her, creating waves of pleasure that ran up her body like electricity. Mary softly closed her eyes, letting the pleasure take over as she explored her body. She felt in control now. With each of her fingers running along her nipples and hairy feet, she realized that she was more powerful than ever before.

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