an overweight woman with shaved pussy and tits is fucked by two guys

Anne was an overweight woman with a secret; she had shaved her pussy and tits. She never wanted people to know about it, lest they think she was in to some odd fantasies. But when two guys discovered her secret in the bedroom, they were absolutely thrilled. They couldn't keep their hands off her smooth and naked body and were quickly stripping off their own clothes in arousal. They started with her tits, eagerly sucking and licking them as they groped her thighs and butt. Anne felt sexy and desired as they explored her shaved pussy with their hands and tongues, devouring her like never before. The two guys then started to fuck her hard, taking turns to use her body as their personal playground. As they thrust and pounded her, Anne felt completely overwhelmed by the pleasure they gave her. It made her even more aroused that her shaved body was so desired and that she was pushing her limits with two guys. It was a truly wild and unforgettable experience.

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