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David lusted after the beautiful, busty milf next door. Every day he would watch her through his window as she would sunbathe in her garden, her ample curves and tight body making him ache with desire. When he finally plucked up the courage to talk to her, she was more than receptive to his advances. That evening, they made love passionately, his tongue teasing and exploring her tight cunt until she was quivering with pleasure. As he thrust his hard, throbbing cock deep inside her, he filled her with his essence, giving her a creamy creampie deep inside her tight cunt. They made love until their bodies ached, not wanting the night to end. As they lay there, covered in a sticky sweat, David looked into her eyes and smiled. She smiled back, content in the knowledge that finally their passionate spark had been ignited. She had finally let him delve deep into her tight cunt, and the creampie deposited in her would be a constant reminder of their time together.

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