craving a cock in bikinis

The sun was bright and the sky was the perfect shade of blue, a perfect day to go out and enjoy the beach. In her black, lace bikini, Kate set off for a morning walk. She had a craving to be seen, and as the ocean breezes blew across her skin, her heart raced with anticipation. She walked along, looking for the perfect spot to get some sun. As she moved closer to the shore, she couldn't help but admire all the toned and tanned bodies around her. The sight of rock solid chests and bulging biceps was intensifying her craving. Soon Kate found a spot in the sand and lay down. She felt the heat of the sun send electric tingles through her body as she closed her eyes. All she could think about now was a hard, throbbing cock sliding against her thighs and filling her with pleasure. She craved it more with each passing moment. With a body as good as hers, and her bikini blowing in the wind, she knew that if anyone could satisfy her craving, it would be here.

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