grandpa licks sexy and hard cock

Grandpa had an unusual habit of licking cock, it was something he did in secret and something he really enjoyed. It always made him feel sexy and aroused. As he got older, he noticed that his tongue had become stronger, that he could lick harder and longer than before. That night he was feeling particularly naughty and decided to invest his time in licking the cock of his fantasies. He licked it hard and slow, up and down, up and down, savoring the tingling and throbbing sensations that ran up his spine and into his soul. He loved the flavors that came with this practice, it was something he couldn't get enough of. He licked and licked until the cock was gushing with pleasure and he was almost melting with delight. This was his secret indulgence and he loved every moment of it. His tongue seemed to be on fire as he explored and tasted the wonders of this thrilling and sensual pleasure. Grandpa had never felt so sexy and hard before.

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