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Sam had been alone ever since his grandmother died, but tonight he was feeling especially lonely. He thought of the funny things she used to say and remembered how she used to laugh at her own jokes. As he took a sip of his beer, his thoughts turned to something naughty. He imagined the curves of her big body and the way she used to say "fuck". The thought made him hard, and soon an uncontrollable desire filled him. His hands roamed his body, as he imagined her heavy body straddling him and her sagging breasts brushing against his back. He imagined her teasing him as only a granny fat fuck can do and the intensity of his pleasure made him come with a groan. As Sam lay in bed afterwards, he thanked his late grandmother's memory for helping him find a way to satisfy his loneliness and unearth the naughty pleasures of a granny fat fuck.

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