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It was the start of a special connection. One look and they both knew this wasn't going to be your typical "date." Her lush hair hung wild and free around her voluptuous curves. He admired every inch of his 50 year old hairy mamma. Before the night was over, they were tangled in a passionate embrace. Her every moan only intensified the pleasure. His fingers explored her warm, silky strands until they found a delicate spot behind her ear. His heart raced, as did hers. She slowly made her way down his chiselled body and when their tongues finally united, they both knew it was going to be a night they would never forget. The hairy mamma who had given him such pleasure, climbed up on top of him. What followed was an intense, wild, and passionate hard fucking. This was one photo of a hairy mamma and her 50 year old man he would never forget - 53734.

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