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Nadine was a 50 year old beauty with striking hazel eyes and soft, silky hair. Her curves were like no other and she had kept her body in shape over the years. She was a bit of a wild thing and she didn't just like tall, dark and handsome men. She liked hairy, mature guys with big cocks! She loved to give oral sex to these lucky men, taking them in her mouth, her tongue exploring their length. She brought them pleasure unlike any other and she relished in the feeling of their manhood growing between her lips. Many of them were surprised to find such an experienced woman when they met her. Tonight she had a date with an older man she'd met on an online dating site. She was eager to feel his erect cock in her mouth and savor his salty flavors. She saw him waiting in the doorway and her desire grew ever stronger. She knew that this would be a night to remember; a hot, hairy mature man with a big cock ready to give her everything she wanted.

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