hot milf with long hairy pussy gets fingered by an older guy

It was a hot summer night when the young man saw the milf from across the room. Her long, dark hair was still slightly damp from her recent shower, and he couldn't help but admire her curves. She glanced at him and smiled, her lips full and inviting. He walked over to her and she welcomed him with open arms. She started to massage him, teasing him with her skilled hands. When she felt him getting aroused, she moved her hand south and started to lightly brush his fingers across her long, hairy pussy. His arousal soared. He started to finger her slick pussy, feeling the edges of her inner walls and the pleasure it brought her. He started to push further, and felt the warmth and wetness of her innermost treasure. She moaned with delight, her eyes heavy with pleasure. The man quickly brought her to a climax, and she thanked him with a passionate kiss. It was a night they both would never forget.

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