mature woman in stockings and high heels masturbating

Mature woman Lucy was feeling particularly risque today. She undid her stockings and peeled them slowly off of her long milky white legs, enjoying the sensation of the sheer silky fabric as it glided across her skin. Her fingers moved up to the buttons of her blouse, and with a wry smirk she unbuttoned it and let it fall to the floor. Lucy moved to the bed, where she stretched out and let her legs part slightly. Her hands moved to her mound, caressing it and exploring the soft folds of her sex, her breathing quickening with anticipation. She loved how her high heels glinted in the candlelight as she swayed her hips, her moans echoing through the bedroom. To heighten her pleasure, Lucy grabbed one of her stockings and ran it along her inner thighs and folds. The smoothness of the fabric, mixed with her ministrations, had her trembling with pleasure in mere minutes. She continued her slow, deliberate masturbation as the warm release began to fill her body, alleviating the tension that had been building all day. It seemed as though the intensity of Lucy's pleasure seemed to rise infinitely, until she could take no more. She lay there, feeling content and sated, the stockings and high heels a reminder of her experience.

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