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Jack and Momma had been best friends since they were kids and it was like time hadn't passed for them. Jack couldn't help but be enamoured with Momma's MILF appeal, and finally, when the time felt right, he made a move. He went up close and breathed on her neck, while she moaned in anticipation. Jack slowly undid Momma's shirt and caught sight of her cleavage for the first time. His hands moved over the curves, as Momma let out a deep sigh of pleasure. He finally reached her lips and they kissed while Momma's hands reached down for his pants. Jack gave Momma a passionate MFILF BJ, taking his time and teasing her with his tongue. Momma pressed his head closer and begged for more, her breathing getting more and more shallow. Jack teased her body with his hands and they both moaned in pleasure. The son-MILF sex continued with Momma and Jack with waves of pleasure washing over them that they hadn't experienced in ages. Their bodies intertwined, as the passion and pleasure kept coming until they both surrendered to exhaustion. Jack and Momma had tantalizingly connected in ways they hadn't felt in years.

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