mother and daughter sharing lesbian pussy

Nia and her daughter Lauren had been together for years now, but it wasn't until recently that the two developed an unexpected curiosity. It started off innocently as playing a game of "Truth or Dare", and it quickly evolved to exploring each other's bodies and discovering unexplored delights. Nia was the first to make the move and tasted the sweetness of her daughter's lesbian pussy. The taste alone was enough to ignite a spark of yearning between the two. As Lauren came to enjoy the sensations of her mother's licking even more, she in turn dared to caress the older woman's intimate areas with her fingertips. The two soon found themselves alternating between pleasure and passion, as they explored one another's lesbian pussy from the front, and from behind. Both Nia and Lauren had difficulty containing their moans of pleasure as their movements grew more and more hurried. The sensations of their lesbian pussy created a powerful connection between the two as they split and shared pleasure together. It had been something they had both wanted, but could never admit to, until now.

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