nudist fucking with an old woman getting blowed

Jeff had always been fascinated by nudist colonies, but this was the first time he was actually visiting one. He had heard that anything can happen so he was expecting an interesting experience. The sight that welcomed Jeff was nothing short of a shock. Among the forty or so people there was an old woman, her breasts hanging low and a wide smile on her face. She made her way towards Jeff and before he knew it she was blowing him. Jeff couldn’t believe what was happening and he let her take control. He was in an odd state of surprise and arousal. With each moment that passed, as if guided by a force far mightier than himself, Jeff and the old woman moved closer and closer together until finally they began fucking. It was the most erotic experience Jeff had ever had and at the same time it was the most perverse. He wanted to be disgusted but he just couldn’t; there was something strangely liberating about being nudist and fucking an old woman.

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