old and grumpy wife in her big tits sucking

Curtis had a simple desire: to feel his grumpy wife Jean's big, supple breasts in his mouth. He'd think of nothing else all day. He had been married to her for many years, but he still found her incredibly attractive. One day, Curtis summoned enough courage to finally act on his fantasy. He slid his hands up Jean's body, feeling her ample curves. She was surprised, but yielded to his advances. As he fondled her sensitive nipples, he couldn't help but moan in pleasure. He took both of her breasts into his mouth, savoring the taste of her skin. His tongue worked her nipples expertly as she moaned and panted with desire. She clung to him in rapture, letting her body relax into his embrace. He moved his mouth to the other breast and felt her grip tighten. He kept exploring her body, his desire growing ever stronger. Amazingly, even her grumpiness had disappeared, replaced with a satisfied smile. He finally had his wish: to enjoy his wife's big, supple breasts in his mouth.

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