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When Geraldine's grandson left a large black package on her doorstep, she didn’t expect it to be a dildo. The old granny, with her more reserved attitude, took some time to discover the item's true identity. Despite her surprise she was intrigued and opened the package, revealing a large, hard dildo. After removing it from the box, Geraldine couldn’t believe the size of the toy. It felt large between her experienced yet frail hands. She closed her eyes, imagining a firm muscular body pushing the dildo inside her. She moaned in delight at the thought. Geraldine slid the dildo deep inside her, relishing the sensation of its hardness, the pressure, and the sensations of pleasure it created. The harder she thrust, the harder she wanted the dildo to go. Before she knew it, Geraldine was experiencing a long awaited climax, satisfied that she had given her old body a hard dildo fucking it desired.

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