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Randy was a blonde MILF in her 40's that didn't take no for an answer when it came to sex. She had a hairy man in her sights and she was going to have him. She slowly let her fingers trace her curves as she walked closer. When she reached him, she quickly grasped his dick, appreciating its hairyness. She ran her tongue along the length of it, savoring its taste, and then started expertly blowing it. He moaned with pleasure, gripping at her hips as he eagerly thrust into her hungry mouth. She passionately pleasured him, feeling her own arousal surge with every thrust. When he was about to orgasm, Randy stood up and straddled him. She eagerly rode him, feeling his dick fill her up, loving how it was hairy. Finally releasing into a frenzy of bliss, they both experienced a powerful orgasm. Randy loved that she could still get a man like this. The hairy dick had surely done the trick.

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