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The air was thick with longing as he looked into her eyes. Breathing heavily he tangled his fingers in her fiery red hair. She was a sexy, older, amateur woman, with a body he knew like the back of his hand. He felt like a man on fire when her tantalizing curves were pressed against him. Lifting her onto the bed, he marveled at the way her body moved with ease. His touch was electric and her breath hitched as he explored every nook and cranny of her voluptuous frame. As their bodies tangled in ecstasy, the heat between them pushed them ever closer to the edge. The act of making love with his sexy older wife was a peculiarly intense pleasure; no amateur could have made it feel more passionate. As the night went on, his desire for her only seemed to grow with each moment they shared. In their husband and wifely embrace, they were bound together by a mutual desire that seemed impossible to quell.

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