sloppy deep throat blow job aching milf gives it to us in POV

The hot evening air lingered as he stepped closer towards her. Her hair was a tousled mess from anticipation, and her eyes filled with a hunger he had only seen in seasoned lovers. His chest puffed up with delight, knowing he was the one she wanted to please. He reached down, rubbing the inside of her thigh as his eyes filled with desire. He knew this was going to be a sloppy deep throat blow job, the kind of ache that would leave him wanting more. She leaned towards him, taking him into her mouth and the wave of pleasure jolted us both for a moment. He groaned, feeling her tongue swirl with expertise and her enthusiasm bubbling over with delight. He ran his fingers through her hair, guiding her as the sensations grew more intense. It was a milf-like experience he would never forget; so passionate and skilled. His breathing grew weak, and his body rocked inward towards hers with each stroke. He relished in the moment, watching her face twist and turn in pleasure. This was exactly what he had been craving.

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