the older woman is riding a huge hairy ass

The older woman felt her heart racing as the huge hairy ass of the horse loomed before her. She had been dreaming of this moment for quite some time and was finally ready to prove her breathless anticipation to be true. With a lightening heart and quivering hands, she swung up her right leg and gracefully mounted the beast. The woman felt the broad muscled back of the horse beneath her legs, a hum of energy passing from its powerful body to hers. She grinned with a bit of mischief, excited to take advantage of the raw power beneath her. Taking the leather reins in her hands, she gave a light kick and they lunged forward. The horse began to gallop and the woman and horse became one powerful, unstoppable entity, riding through the open fields with a wildness she found intoxicating. The warm sun was setting on the horizon, casting a brilliant golden hue over the landscape. She felt the strength and freedom of the wind against her face, her hair flying carelessly about her as she envisioned the place of her dreams. Taking comfort in her own strength, the older woman pulled back the horse coming to a sudden stop, and joyously rode off into the night.

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