the sexy man and his older lady are having fun with one another

The sexy man had his eyes locked lovingly on the older lady as they danced in front of the fireplace. His hands roamed her curves with a passionate grace, and she couldn't help but to feel the sudden heat that raced through her body. The older lady shimmied up closer to the sexy man, feeling her body melting in his embrace. His strong fingers swirled circles of rapture over her skin, and the sexy man pulled her in closer to nuzzle his nose against her neck. She felt a warmth like never before, as his lips trailed down her neck and over her exposed shoulders. His body pressed firmly against hers, and the older lady felt a wave of desire like never before. The atmosphere was thick with passion as the sexy man grasped the older lady in his strong arms. He moved his hips in slow circles, teasing her until he felt her surrender in his arms. She gasped as she felt the thrilling sensation of pleasure flood through her body. The sexy man and his older lady enjoyed a blissful night of lust and love.

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