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This sultry blonde had always been curious about her sensuality. She had desired being explored and have her boundaries pushed. So when she finally laid eyes on the large, alluring cock of her partner, she could not wait to feel its fullness invade her pussy. She lay back and her body trembled with anticipation as her partner's large cock coaxed its way inside her. He started tenderly, soothing her with his kisses and whispers until finally she was taken over by her arousal and began to thrust back. With each stroke, she felt the deep pleasure in her core. His words driving her wild with desire as the big cock filled her with its entirety. The sensation of the big cock penetrating her body, awakening pleasure within her depths, was too much and she soon lost all control. As ecstatic tremors ran through her body, the blonde's screams echoed through the room as he dominated her with his big cock. She was in ecstasy.

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